There are thousands of companies inventing the latest in skincare, but the true difference with our brand is our honesty, our commitment, and our passion.



Lésmèse is a family company that has been part of this industry for decades, and has always taken its quality and transparency very seriously. Developing this skincare line is very close to our hearts, which is why we want to be honest with our customers, and transparent with our products. We want to create this blog to give everyone as much information as we can about our ingredients, our sources, the science behind our formulations, and our upcoming projects, so that you can be with us every step of the way.



We pride ourselves from using non-toxic ingredients, and supporting local Canadian businesses by ensuring every ingredient, and every bit of packaging, is sourced from a sustainable Canadian manufacturer. No fragrances, no colour dyes, no synthetic additives, no parabens, and most importantly, no concealment of the truth. It is our commitment to you, that what you are putting on your skin, is as beneficial, and nutritious as we claim it to be. No more, no less!



Think of Lésmèse as a collaboration between beauty and science. Our passion towards learning about the human body, the cellular biology of nature, and of creating natural ingredients, is what drives us to invent the most beneficial and effective products in the market. There is no tip-toeing around passion, because when you are truly in it to spread wellness, there is nothing that can come in your way!


Welcome to the Lésmèse family, where we create a healthy and happy face using nature’s best!

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