Lésmèse is a Canadian family company with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and formulating within the health and beauty field.

We have a spirited passion towards using all natural products and ingredients, and are strong believers of all the health benefits found within the explosive nature of our beautiful planet.

Lésmèse discovered the Moringa tree a few years ago, and have studied in depth its properties, uses, and benefits to our health.

  • We are strong advocates of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and we believe that using natural products on a daily basis, is the best start.
  • Our consumers should be able to know, and understand what they are putting on their skin; which is why we chose our ingredients very meticulously.
  • Carefully crafted and formulated, we ensure all our ingredients are simple, natural, and effective.

No harmful chemicals, no parabens, no color, no fragrance.

Only beneficial ingredients that make you feel, and look good!